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  acupuncture .   reflexology is based on the principle that particular parts of the feet relate directly to specific organs and systems in the body. Massaging corresponding areas on the feet has a preventative and curative effect.

Reflexology is the technique of gently massaging the reflexes on the feet or hands, to bring about a state of deep relaxation and to stimulate the body’s own healing process, helping a person return to a state of balance and

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and deeply de-stressing therapy, suitable for all ages, for a range of both acute and chronic conditions, including:

* headaches and migraines
* respiratory conditions e.g. bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis
* back, shoulder and joint pains
* circulatory conditions e.g. high blood pressure
* digestive disorders e.g. IBS
* hormonal complaints e.g. PMS / menopausal symptoms
* fertility / conception
* stress and tension
* insomnia
* bladder and kidney problems

A Reflexologist will look holistically, at the cause of illness as well as the symptoms. Reflexology is not just about helping cure illness; it is also about maintaining health and keeping the body in the best possible condition.

one hour session £60
home visits £70 local to clinic

cancellation fee
We ask patients to give the clinic 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment
Cancellations made less that 24 hour before the appointment time will be charged at the full price of the therapy

It is believed that the roots of reflexology go back thousands of years, depicted in ancient Egyptian cave paintings. Modern day reflexology is based on ‘zone therapy’ as developed in 1913 by Dr William Fitzgerald, an American Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. In the 1930’s Eunice Ingham, an American Physiotherapist, observed that congestion or tension in any part of the foot is mirrored in the corresponding part of the body, and from this created a map of the feet corresponding to the whole body, and devised the precise massage techniques that are practiced in reflexology today.

Furthermore, Reflexology is increasingly being recognised by medical practitioners and is covered by many Private Medical Insurers.

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